Owen "Oin" Cenal

"E Pili Mai" (to come together in unity)

Scattering of the ashes ceremony for Owen was Sunday 6th November 2005. Ala Wai Boathouse.


Owen_01 Owen_02 Owen_03 Owen_04 Owen_05
Owen_06 Owen_07 Owen_08 Owen_09 Owen_10
Owen_11 Owen_12 Owen_13 Owen_14 Owen_15
Owen_16 Owen_17 Owen_18 Owen_19 Owen_20
Owen_21 Owen_22 Owen_23 Owen_24

Pili Paddles -- crafted by Owen Cenal

Pili_01 Pili_02 Pili_03 Pili_04

Photos submitted by friends

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haberman01 haberman02 haberman03 haberman04 haberman05
haberman06 haberman07 hunt01 hunt02 hunt03
hunt04 hunt05      

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