Waikiki Beachboys Sponsorship

The goals of the organization are as follows:

* Increase publicity for WBBCC and our special events.

* Increase participation in events by offering quality prizes from corporate sponsors.

* Raise money to provide WBBCC with quality equipment and resources to compete in water sports competitions

* Increase the number of spectators at special events and races.

Thank you for your initial interest in Waikiki Beachboys sponsorship. For more detailed information please contact Dana Gorecki.

We look forward to creating new partnerships and hope to join forces with you for the Waikiki Beach Boys' 2005 season.

Sponsorship Contact Information

Dana Gorecki
Email: Phone: 956-3605

Waikiki Beach Boys Canoe Club
2198 Aha Niu Pl Honolulu Hi, 96821
Fax: 956-5512