Social Paddling!
Nov through March...

What is it? -- Paddling for fun with friends. A good chance to try seats you don't normally get to sit in. Guys and girls together. Typically involves 1 to 2 hours including swim breaks.

When? -- Wed at 5:30pm & Sun at 3pm.

Where? -- at the WBBCC club site in the Ala Wai Park at the corner of Kapiolani & McCully.

What does it cost? -- $10/time whether or not you need to borrow a paddle. OR $30/mo OR $100/season, if you have your own paddle. $40/mo OR $150/season if you need to use one of our paddles (November thru March).

What else do I need to know? -- Friends, new recruits, etc are welcome however everyone MUST sign an HCRA waiver before getting in the canoe. Non swimmers must bring a life vest, or no paddling.

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is always looking for
new paddlers!
contact: sbrown<at>
... or just show up!!

{practice schedules posted on the events calendar}

Open & A Coaches -- Sean Monahan, Lindsey Shank & Andrea Millan
Novice B Coaches -- Rachel & Raymon Orange
WaikikiBeachGirls yahoo group
BeachGirls: Log your crosstraining
(email rachel to get access)

Open Coaches -- Franco Arango & Joe Giovannini
Novice Coaches -- Michael Davidson
WaikikiBeachBoys yahoo group

All regular practices are held at the WBBCC club site: on the Ala Wai by the corner of Kapiolani and McCully

Registration Materials:
come to practice early, bring 2 photocopies of your licence (or other legal ID) and, if possible, print & fill out the HCRA Waiver & WBBCC Member agreement ahead of time. We will also need a digital photo (headshot) of you.

Members: Pay your dues, etc online!!
Distance Dues $215 due by Aug 16, or $115 partial by Aug 16 with remaining $100 by Sep 5;
2.9% + $0.30 will be added to your total
to cover our credit card fee.

Distance Dues


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